In the face of market disruption, will your company be disrupted?
Or become The Disruptor?

At Solutioneers™, we support startups and established businesses to become the disruptors of their industries by guiding them through digital transformations driven by outstanding customer experience.

In turbulent and disruptive times, your company cannot afford to be losing new sales or failing to retain existing customers. Yet how many touch points are full of friction on your customer’s journey?

These points of friction make it difficult for customers to do business with you, and they may even get in the way of people becoming your customer in the first place.

Part of you might even be reluctant to grow your customer base, because it feels like more customers bring more problems! Your team may be at the point of burnout, fielding multiple customer complaints or overwhelmed by customers’ demands.

But here’s some good news: By using digital technologies to fix the touch points and remove friction for your customers, you’ll be making life infinitely easier for your employees too.

It’s a win-win outcome — but you have to act decisively. The longer you wait to make changes to your customer experience and implement customer-centric culture, the more difficult it will be to pivot your company in the long term, and the more customers and potential customers you’ll lose.

The Solutioneers Team has extensive experience, research-based expertise, and a track record of success with customer experience-led digital transformations. Let’s talk about how we can support your company to achieve the same level of success we’ve achieved for all of our other clients.

At Solutioneers™, we support startups and established businesses to identify and remove points of friction on the customer journey so that they can become the leaders and disruptors of their industry.

Imagine being indispensable to your customers and capturing more wallet share. Customers would readily choose your company over the competition, because your customer experience is incomparable to your competitors.

Imagine having time and capacity for innovation again. With your customer journey mapped out, the opportunity for a fresh approach becomes clear.

Imagine if serving your customers was efficient and intuitive for everyone in your company. How much momentum could you build with fewer points of friction, eliminating unnecessary touch points on the customer journey?

Solutioneers™ Approach and Methodologies

Customer Journey Mapping

We immerse ourselves in your team, brand, and company identity. Then we map out the customer journey to find the processes and systems that cause friction for your customer.

Digital Transformation Strategy

Based on the Customer Journey Map, we’ll develop a digital transformation strategy that will reduce touch points and decrease friction — to position your company as the leader in customer experience within your industry.

Customer-Centric Culture and Strategy

A transformation is a holistic process that typically necessitates a culture change within the business and a mindset shift amongst the employees towards customer centricity. Solutioneers will work with your teams to discover, define and align Vision, Mission and Values so that they can be operationalised across the business.

Customer Experience Officer Coaching

Solutioneers offers coaching for CXO’s so that they have the support and resources to effectively track and map the customer journey and define CX strategy. The result is a more supported customer champion who will deliver long-term impact for the business.

Innovation Catalyst

If you need an innovative approach to a product or service offering, Solutioneers CEO Anne Gray will facilitate an Innovation Catalyst Session with your team to generate ideas that unlock creative and innovative solutions.

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“We started working with Solutioneers when we realised we were missing out on an opportunity to successfully convert customers between the two subsidiaries of the company. We couldn’t quite put our finger on what to tackle first when it came to a much-needed digital transformation strategy. The Solutioneers team was incredibly thorough and illuminated the touchpoints that were causing us to lose customers. Their report immediately gave us the direction we needed to make small, quick changes which yielded significant results. And our long-term results have been even more impressive! Over the last three years, we’ve been implementing the clear digital transformation strategy prepared for us by Solutioneers and in that time, we’ve launched a new digital channel and upskilled a CXO — positively impacting customer retention and revenue.”

Ona Steyn, BetterSure


The Solutioneers Lean Consulting Approach is different from traditional consulting in that we do not rely on the deployment of human capital. Instead, we aim to bring out the best in the people who are already on your team and ignite their creative thinking. We facilitate the creation of systems and processes that make both customers’ and employees’ lives easier — so it’s inevitable that these processes will endure long after the Solutioneers team has left the building.


The Solutioneers team is led by Anne Gray, the ultimate mover-shaker and ideas factory. Anne knows exactly what it’s like to lead a company through a digital transformation — she’s done it with her own company, as well as with many clients who credit her with the transformation of their businesses.

Anne holds an MBA from the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) and bases her methods on sound academic frameworks. Her own research has taken her into the boardrooms and offices of many of South Africa’s top companies, where she’s uncovered what it really takes to make a successful digital transformation happen.

In addition to being the Solutioneers CEO, Anne is also a keynote speaker and guest expert on customer experience-led digital transformation. If you’d like to book Anne to speak at your event or to be a guest on your show, get in touch here.