JESS 24-hour Support Bot | RPA Development

Just an Effective Support Service Bot “JESS” deployed so mobile admin staff can sleep through the night uninterrupted by urgent Data Top Up requests.

 Torch Solutioneers™ has successfully built and deployed JESS at one of the leading South African short-term insurance companies to assist with the increased demand of Data Top Up request during the Covid 19 lockdown.

The unattended Bot took 4 weeks to develop in Torch’s “Blits-Bot” development environment.  After thorough testing the bot was deployed at the end of the four-week period and works across all the major cellular networks’ management and administration portals.

 JESS logs and updates requests on the support desk, verifies the user’s status on the customer database, and logs into the network portal to purchases the bundle.  All the while keeping the requestor up to date via SMS or WhatsApp.

JESS will now be deployed across several mobile administration and outsource Torch customers in order to facilitate all data top-ups autonomously, allowing our Service Consultants to focus on the influx of other, more hands on and complicated, requests.

 Torch Solutioneers launched their Robotics Process Automation product “Blits-Bot” in March 2020.  After researching Robotics Process Automation license providers and technologies, it became clear that the opportunities for RPA would be curtailed for the majority of South African companies by the high cost of acquisition. “Your first Bot can cost you anywhere upwards of R250k in license fees, before you have even lifted a developers finger to the keyboard” stated Sean Taylor “We wanted to make this technology accessible  – the opportunities that can be leveraged by RPA is not just for the elite.”

The problem with RPA is the cost of acquisition, the time taken to develop test and deploy, and the scarce resources to develop the Bots.  Torch Solutioneers™ take care of all of this.  Once the candidate process has been identified and automated The UiPath Bot is deployed from the Torch environment and utilised by our customers on a “pay as you go” basis.  This model facilitates rapid deployment, and is scalable so that the customer does not have to shell out hundreds of thousands of Rands for a Bot before they are ready.