The customer journey has valleys — the points of friction that are pits that customers fall into, detrimental to building connection with your company and the solution it offers.

But the customer journey also has epic pinnacle points — those points that give you the opportunity to delight your customers. These are the moments that matter.

As Solutioneers™ we fill the pits and elevate the moments that matter.

Solutioneers is led by Anne Gray

Several years ago, Anne Gray was leading a company that faced major market disruption. It could have been the end for that company, but instead of conceding, Anne chose to pivot. The company leveraged the power of emerging technologies and implemented a digital transformation strategy centred around excellent customer experience.

Since then, Anne has guided many other companies and brands through pivots of their own. If you know your company is ready to pivot, but feel weary about the turbulence that lies ahead, Anne and the Solutioneers Team will guide you through the immediate turbulence, as well as set your company up for long-term success through research-backed customer experience strategy and digital transformation consulting.

The Solutioneers™ Approach

It’s all about Customer Experience

Everything we do at Solutioneers is centred around excellent customer experience. We firmly believe that if you provide a superior experience to that of your competitors, you’ll have the ultimate competitive advantage.

The main vehicle we use to deliver excellent customer experience is digital transformation.

By leveraging the power of emerging technology of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, you — our client — can provide a world-class experience to your customers. In the process, you’ll also create a more harmonious working environment for your employees and run a more efficient, profitable business.

Of course, a transformation is no small feat. It is a holistic process that requires the buy-in of every employee in the company. Often we find that digital transformation requires a cultural transformation too.

As such, Solutioneers does not swoop in to a company, digitise a few processes, and then wish our clients luck. On the contrary, we become one of your team members, conducting culture workshops and surveys and listening to what the team has to say about customer experience. It is from this vantage point that we are able to make recommendations that are not only grounded in thorough academic research, but are also reflective of the people who will be serving your customers each day.

As Solutioneers™, we use a Lean Consulting approach

Our Lean Consulting approach is based on Lean principles, centred on maximising value and eliminating waste — in the form of time, money, or resources.

We maximise value for our clients by immersing ourselves in the team, designing custom frameworks and facilitating the creation of solutions that suit the specific organisation and its constraints.

The Lean Consulting approach is different from traditional management consulting. It is light on the deployment of human capital and focussed on long-term transformation within the organisation.

One of our core Solutioneers values is collaboration, which goes hand in hand with respect for the people in the companies we consult to. As such, we seek the input of employees at every level of the organisation and bring them along for the continuous improvement journey. Our role is to be facilitators of change.

The Lean Consulting approach puts us in a position to optimise the effort and energy of your organisation and innovate at pace.

We ground all our recommendations in thorough academic research and have developed our own evaluation frameworks

As a client, you can be guaranteed that Solutioneers recommendations and frameworks are based on thorough academic research.

When we conduct customer journey mapping, we evaluate every touchpoint of the customer journey against the Solutioneers 3Cs of Customer Experience:

  • Context Sensitivity. Is the experience that you’re providing the customer sensitive to that customer’s context in the moment that they’re using or engaging with that touchpoint?
  • Cohesiveness with Brand Identity. Does the experience that you’re providing at this touchpoint look, feel, and sound like your company? This builds trust in the brand.
  • Consistency of Experience. Is the customer experience consistently good (or even excellent) at every point of the customer journey?

By assessing every touchpoint against these three criteria, the Solutioneers team can identify the points of friction (or pits) in the customer journey that need to be addressed. We can also identify what we term the “moments that matter.” These are the moments that need to be elevated.

We use the Three Horizons Model to chart the short, medium, and long-term strategic goals for our clients

The Three Horizons Model is a helpful framework in supporting our clients to get a series of quick wins in the short-term, while also laying the foundation for longer-term innovation and transformation.

Because the Solutioneers team is not entrenched in the business-as-usual of our clients, we can often suggest changes that a company can make immediately to get high-impact, quick wins within 12 months.

At the same time, we strategise for the second horizon — medium-term changes that can be made in the next one to two years. Lastly, we identify high-investment high-reward transformative projects for the third horizon — the next three to five years.

We set our clients up to work on all three horizons simultaneously. This entails tactical implementations, strategic planning, as well as the necessary culture changes for successful transformation within the company.

The Solutioneers team loves seeing the massive shifts that happen after our clients make the immediate adjustments that we recommend for the first horizon. But we get our most profound satisfaction when we see our clients getting transformative results from the work they’ve put into their third horizon goals.


If the Solutioneers approach seems like a good fit for your business, then we’d like to invite you to set up a Complimentary Consult Call with us. Once we’re clear on your company’s goals and constraints, the Solutioneers team will put together a custom proposal for your company. If you decide that our consulting would be the best next step, then we’d be delighted to guide your organisation through a customer experience-led digital transformation.